The most “sweet” sugarcane cultivar YZ081609 was registered in United States
Publish:Peifang Zhao  Post date: 2019-09-18  Number of visits :10893

Sugar content contributes closely to the sugar recovery in sugar mills, and is a basic parameter in sugarcane breeding. The breeding and popularization of high sugar content cultivars obviously promoted the sugar recovery in Yunnan for the past decade when Yunnan maintained the top in China for sugar recovery. Developing new sugarcane cultivar for Yunnan sugar industry is one of the basic missions of Yunnan Sugarcane Research Institute (YSRI) of Yunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS). YSRI paid quite a few efforts on evaluating parental clones for high sugar content breeding, and screened out high sugar content parental clones in sugarcane breeding. The new sugarcane cultivar, YZ081609 inherited the merits of large stalk diameter and clean leaf characters of its female parent YZ94-343, and the merits of high sugar content and high stalk population of its male parent Yuetang00-236. Its record for sugar content was 19.2 %, the highest among all the sugarcane cultivars developed in China. So it is called the most “sweet” sugarcane cultivar in China. Moreover, YZ081609 yields generally 6.5 to 7.3 tons / mu with highest cane yield of 10 to 11 tons per mu observed in Lancang County.

The paper describing the breeding process of YZ081609 was published by Journal of Plant Registrations (JPR) during Aug. 2019. And the registration certificate for YZ081609 was issued recently by JPR of Crop Science Society of America (CSSA). This registration helps sugarcane researcher and sugar mills who read English publications understand the sugarcane breeding and new sugarcane cultivar developed in YSRI, and may improve the international collaborations with YSRI. (Reviewer: Xinlong Liu)

Fig. 1. The registration certificate for sugarcane cultivar YZ081609

Fig. 2. YZ081609 in grand growth period