Strive to be civilized citizens, Co-create a civilized unit —Proposal to Create National Civilized Units
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On November 21, 2019, YAAS held a national civilized unit work promotion meeting. The meeting conveyed the plan of the party committee to create national civilized units. All academy members are required to unify their thinking and pay high attention to it, be dedicated to the building work with a high degree of enthusiasm and ownership and be integrated into the whole cause of building a modern academy.

The creation of the national civilized units is an important platform for comprehensively enhancing the unit\'s fine image and impelling the development of the unit, and an inherent requirement for comprehensively improving the level of spiritual civilization construction. We have the responsibility and obligation to make practical contributions to the creation of the national civilized units. Here, the following proposals are issued to all the members:

—Having a clear goal, I am here to propagate civilization. We need to make unified arrangements in accordance with the requirement of civilization creation, raise awareness, actively participate in the creation of national civilized units as masters, and be a good propagandist for civilization creation.

 —Having a positive action, I am here to create a civilized unit. Creating a civilized unit and building a beautiful home is our responsibility and obligation. We should further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, strive to be a practitioner of civilization creation, and take practical actions to contribute to the creation of the national civilization units.

—Based on my position, I am here to strive to be the leader of civilization. We should actively participate in various civilization creation activities and social welfare activities, become the pacesetters of devotion, the pioneers of entrepreneurship, and the models of dedication. Everyone should give full play to the role of the typical models and strive to be the leader of the civilization creation.

—Starting from me, I am here to build a new style of civilization. Starting from me, starting from now, we should consciously practice the citizen moral standard, abolish bad habits, advocate civilization, and establish a new image of civilization. We should be actively involved in creation activities with our own actions to cultivate a healthy and scientific lifestyle and create a beautiful office and living environment.

 Let′s join hands to be the pioneers, communicators and supervisors of civilized unit construction with great enthusiasm and conscious actions. Let′s advocate civilized behaviors, promote civilized styles, and work together to create a national civilized unit!


Leading Group Office for the Spiritual Civilization Construction

Biotechnology and Germplasm Resources Institute, YAAS

November 25, 2019