Open and Share, a Spirit Guides the Establishment of a Regional Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center in South and Southeast Asia
Publish:Xiuhua Chen  Post date: 2020-01-16  Number of visits :3780

Recently, China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC) of Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) announced the new batch of approved international talented young scientists for 2019. Sixteen scientists from 7 countries will be supported to join YAAS to do collaborative research. This batch holds the highest number of scientists since YAAS joined in the Talented Young Scientist Program (TYSP). Meanwhile, it is the first time for YAAS to host scientists from Sudan, India and Vietnam. The number of international talent scientists’ home countries increased from the current 7 countries, Egypt, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh to 10.

TYSP has been a widely concerned program at YAAS since it began in 2014. Up to now, 70 programs have got approved and 47 international talented young scientists have finished their collaborative research in YAAS. As TYSP is accepted by more and more countries, YAAS has also become a hot spot for foreign experts to pursue collaborative research under TYSP support in China. The number of TYSP approved per year at YAAS has reached one tenth of the total number approved by MOST of China. As a non-profit provincial research institution, located at the southwest border of China, neighboring several South and Southeast Asia countries, YAAS consistently pay high attention  to regional collaborations in South and Southeast Asia by holding the spirit of “Open and Share” to pursue mutual development and to benefit researchers and farmers in these regions. With the support of TYSP, these international talented young scientists could join YAAS to get face to face trainings. After years of collaboration, they have become a new stream of innonvation power, contributing to improve bilateral science and technology development, and to promote cooperation and communication between YAAS and their home countries by means of joint research, publishing papers, exchange of visits, agreement signing, etc. Through years of cooperation and exchange, YAAS expect to extend our research advantages and friendship to more and more neighbour countries. By holding the spirit of “Open and Share”, a Regional Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center in South and Southeast Asia will be firmly established at YAAS in the near future.