A steely friendship to support fight against 2019- nCoV
Publish:Xiuhua Chen  Post date: 2020-01-31  Number of visits :4640

Right after the arrival of 2020, when some people in the world were still in the happiness of the coming of a new year, and Chinese families were preparing for Spring Festival, a strike came and attracted all Chinese focus. A novel Coronavirus, named 2019- nCoV by World Health Organization (WHO), broke out in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Transported by moving of people, it has spreaded to other provinces and area. The Chinese government pays high attention on it and responded at the first time. Yunnan Aacademy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS) also founded Emergency prevention and control leading group to protect the health and safety of YAAS staff. The hearts of all YAAS staff are together to face the disease.

Although being back home, international talents still concern the situation in China. Some returned international talents sent messages to encourage us to pass this hard time through wechat group. Dr. Muhamed Gad, worked at Environment Resource and Plant Protection Research Institute from 2018 to 2019, said "I wish this hard time pass easy & early and our friends in China enjoy their life. We are brothers in humanity. We pray for Chinese as our family to be healthy and happy". Dr. Zaheer Abbas, worked at Sugarcane Research Institute from 218 to 2019, believed that "Everything will be back normal for China. China has a capacity to fight new raised Virus. Pakistanis are with great China. I wish my friends in China to be well. We need healthy and safe China. God bless China". Dr. Yasser Elrefaee, once worked at Food Crops Research Institute from 2018 to 2019, sent a message with the wish that "I wish Chinese nation to pass this hard time in a good condition and get better soon". He also mentioned "Dear professor, we believe that the Chinese people are great nation and they have all the capabilities to pass this hard time in a good condition. We pray for our Chinese friends". Dr. Sedhom Abdelkhalik Mohamed, worked at the same Institute and period with Dr. Yasser Elrefaee, also expressed his feeling, "Our hearts and minds with you. Of course these hard times will be passed and everything will be better soon. God is willing. Egyptians are with Chinese people. We pray safe to all our brothers and friends in China, with good wishes for health and happiness". Dr. Walid Ghidan, worked at Biotechnology and Genetic Germplasm Resources Research Institute from 2016 to 2019, always trust Chinese, "Through my dealings with Chinese friends, I know you’re capable of overcoming this difficult time. I wish health and wellness to all friends and their family". He said. Dr. Su Hlaing Phyo, a hard working girl worked at Environment Resource and Plant Protection Research Institute from 2018 to 2019, made a wish, " I wish, healthy and wellness, stay strong to all chinese people and this hard time pass easy & early. Fighting China".

Through carrying out of the talented Young Scientist Program in YAAS, supported by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, we have established deep cooperation between YAAS and institutions in South & Southeast Asia. We also obtained steely friendship and understanding with them. At this hard time, we can see their concern and care behind their messages. With support from international talents and their organization, and united mind from all the staff, YAAS will surely conquer this disease soon.