Cooperation on Scientific and Technological to Promote Win-win Development of Sugarcane Industry between China (Yunnan) and Myanmar

A Simple Method for the Screening and Measurement of Phenols in Dendrobium chrysotoxum by a Miniature Mass Detector Using a Matrix Solid-Phase Dispersion Method
Identification, Formation and Predicted Toxicity of Halogenated DBPs Derived from Tannic Acid and Its Biodegradation Products
Chinese and foreign experts from Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences attended the 17th China International Talents Exchange Conference
On the 14-15 day of April 2019, the seventeenth China International Talent Exchange Conference was held in Shenzhen. The event was hosted by the China Science and Technology Exchange Center (TYSP). 34
Thai field crop experts came to Yunnan to participate in the breeding of new breakthrough Sugarcane Varieties
Yunnan is the second largest sugarcane region in China. Sugar industry is an important industry in the border ethnic areas to get rid of poverty and become rich. Yunnan sugarcane region borders Vietna
Agricultural Economic Research Institute and Yunnan Beidou Gaofen Geographic Information Technology Co., Ltd. Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement
On July 17, 2019, the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Yunnan Beidou Gaofen Geographic Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Zhang Yuebin, Vice President of
Academician Zhang Qi of Huazhong Agricultural University came to our Institute for investigation and exchange
On July 29, 2019, academician Zhang Qi of Huazhong Agricultural University and his team of 3 people came to our college for research and exchange. In the morning, academician Zhang Qi and Professor Xi
Strengthen propaganda, expand influence and fully demonstrate the ability of science and technology to support Yunnan's Industrial Development
In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the Sixth Party Congress and the Working Conference of the College in 2019, fully demonstrate our ability to serve the Rural Revitalization and prec