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Cloning and Bioinformatics Analysis of Gene Ft HCT from Tatary Buckwheat
Publish:佚名  Post date: 2021-06-02  Number of visits :7512

To clone the key enzyme shikimate/quinic hydroxycinnamyl transferase (HCT) in the biosynthetic pathway of  lignin, and explore the expression regulation of the HCT gene of tartary buckwheat and its influence on the development of tartary buckwheat  husk. Two HCT genes were cloned from Tartary buckwheat by RT-PCR technology, named Ft HCT-1 and Ft HCT-2. Bioinformatics analysis of  the two genes encoding proteins, The expression analysis of mixed  materials of different tissues and organs and husks at different periods through q RT-PCR. The results showed that the open reading frame sequence length of Ft HCT-1 and Ft HCT-2 were 1 347 bp and 1 278 bp, respectively, encoding 488 and 425 amino acids. Protein molecular weight were 49.66 k D and 46.57 k D, respectively, isoelectric point were 5.72 and 6.64. They are all hydrophilic proteins, located in the cytoplasm.  Both belong to the superfamily of PLNO2481 and Trasferase. The two genes are highly homologous. There are obvious differences in the expression of the two genes. The two HCT genes cloned in this study are specifically expressed during the growth and development of tartary buckwheat husks. It is inferred that their expression affects the lignin  synthesis of tartary buckwheat husks and are key genes for the formation of thin husks.